Verve City Students

Verve City Students offers 7th-12th graders a place where they can belong before they believe.

Everyone is welcome, and students are encouraged to build friendships, to share doubts and struggles, and above all - to be themselves! Through a mix of fun and meaningful weekly discussions, special events, retreats, and more we invite students to find life by following Jesus. Whether we’re taking over a movie theater for the latest Marvel blockbuster, or heading to the mountains for a classic camping retreat, Verve City Students are invited to discover their own love and joy in Jesus as we grow together in our faith!

Starting January 7, Verve City Students meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8pm in the main building. All are welcome!

Join the Verve City Students Dream Team!

Remember what it felt like to walk into the lunch room… alone… on your first day of high school? Remember how you sometimes needed that “other adult” (besides your parents) to encourage you, or to give you that tough-to-hear advice? Remember when someone you trusted first taught you about Jesus and invited you to follow Him?

If the idea of caring for teens and helping them explore big questions of faith and identity in Christ stirs a feeling of excitement, then YOU have exactly what it takes to join the Verve City Students Dream Team.

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Parenting teenagers is no walk in the park! We want to help by making it easy for you to stay in the loop with updates from our Student Pastor on what your students are learning and what activities are coming up.